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Striving for continuous improvement solutions, determining, among other things about the safety and quality of products, the manufacturer reserves the right to make at any time changes to the dimensions and characteristics of the products.

Boiler type WKC

Steam Boiler PKR

Boiler KTM Stark

Batteries cyclones with recirculation of exhaust gas (below 100 mg / m3) *


Ceramic chamber

Boiler Container

Boiler KTM Żubr

PKW boiler

NKP boiler

PKC boilers

Air heater type NP

Deslagging conveyor

The cast iron mechanical grate “ŻRM”

The cast iron mechanical cigar grate “ŻRMC”

WP-6 storage heat exchanger

PRPA Counter – Flow Heat Exchanger

Type KlasterDuo

uniRET boiler

SAG boiler

Wilk boiler

Biovert 21 kW boiler

UKS boilers

UKS-G boiler

KWM-SG boiler

KTM boiler

BIO-POWER boiler

UKS boiler

UKS-OLGAZ boiler

KWN JETI boiler

KWMS boiler


VITORET boiler

CKTM boiler

EKR boiler

– perform modeling device settings indoors boiler,

– designing boilers and equipment to the space boiler rooms,

– we offer automatic cleaning of combustion tubes.