The construction of water boilers, industrial equipment, among others, mechanical grates


Accountant’s Office

Designer’s Office

Pressure and blowing equipment


Industrial equipment, mechanical grates

Designer’s Office

Water boilers


Sale Dolny Śląsk


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Verkauf Deutschland - Straelen

Hubertusstr. 12
47638 Straelen

Vertrieb Deutschland - PPS-STADE

Abbenflether Hafenstraße 25
D – 21683 Stade – Bützfleth

Assembly of heating installations

63-200 Pleszew ul. Polna 6

Boiler Engineering Company BUD-KOT

ul. Polna 6
63-300 Pleszew
woj. Wielkopolskie

Pleszew is a poviat city, in the central Wielkopolska, at the crossroads of routes nr 11 and 12 (former 42 and 43).

Access is possible:
:: from Poznan, route nr 11 (former 42) toward south – east, in the Kalisz – Lódz direction
:: from Katowice, route nr 12 (former 43) toward north, in the Poznan direction
:: from east, from Lódz direction, through Sieradz and than Kalisz route nr 11 (former 42) in the Poznan direction