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UKS boilers

UKS heating boilers has been successfully present on the market thanks to their original construction which enables combustion of low quality coal, fine coal, wood-wastes etc. UKS heating boilers can be adapted to individual boiler rooms and client wishes.

UKS heating boilers are designed to heat water in the central heating systems to the temperature not exceeding 1000 °C at the boiler’s outlet. UKS heating boilers are designed for heating living quarters, warehouses, commercial halls, workshops, farm buildings, glasshouses, schools etc. They can be used only in the open central heating system according to PN-91/B-02413, they can work in gravitational or induced systems.

Base for appropriate boiler selection is a thermal balance of the heated area created according to thermal standards for buildings. The nominal thermal efficiency should equal or be little higher (about 10%) than calculated heat requirement of the heated area. In chart below we put approximate data for UKS boilers size and area that can be heated by those boilers – in chart nr 3 for areas of 35-280m2 and in chart nr 4 for areas of 430-3220m2. The data is approximate and has been calculated for rooms up to 3m height and heat loss rate of 46.5 W/m2(40 Kcal/m3h).

Type of fuel recommended for UKS heating boilers was given in the chart, No. 8 and 9. Use of lower quality fuel than recommended will result in thermal efficiency drop. Fine coal should be wet before use.