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KWGR-GENERATOR heating boiler is a new generation solid fuel boiler. Combustion process is stimulated by an induced air flow delivered by blowing ventilator which is controlled by microprocessor. Combustion process occurs vertically (so called upper-combustion). As a result of high temperature carbonization effect takes place. The remained gas is then after-burned in secondary air flow which is delivered to various levels of the combustion chamber by multiple point air jet system. KWGR boiler is produced in multiple variants as per order. Caution! Boiler does not need a chimney insert.

KWGR-GENERATOR is designed to heat water in the central heating system to the temperature not exceeding 900°C at the boiler’s outlet. They are used in the central heating system and central hot water systems (gravitational or pump systems). KWGR boilers are designed for heating living quarters, warehouses, commercial halls, workshops, farm buildings, glasshouses, schools etc. Thanks to innovative construction, which influence boilers’ efficiency (average efficiency 80-82%), as well as the use of fine coal as a basic fuel KWGR boiler is a great alternative for other coal, oil or gas boilers, as the costs of maintenance are smaller

Base for appropriate boiler selection is a thermal balance of the heated area created according to thermal standards for buildings. While selecting boiler for heating multi buildings systems it is recommended to calculate thermal balance. During calculation it is also important to take into account heat loss in the transmission system of the building. To select the most appropriate boiler for you please use our Assistant. In the chart below is technical data, which can be used for selection of appropriate size of the boiler. The given data is approximate and was estimated for rooms up to 3m height and heat loss of 110W/m2.Before making the final decision please remember to take into account 10% of boiler’s power reserve in proportion to actual power requirement resulting from thermal balance calculation.

Basic fuel – Fine coal, MI sort, 25/9 class according to PN-82/G-97001
Substitute fuel – Hard coal, MII sort, 22/9 class according to PN-82/G-97001-3