KTM Boiler

Sample pictures:

KTM heating boiler is a new generation of heating boilers for solid fuel. KTM has been adapted to combustion of small coal (fine coal, pea coal). Combustion process is constant. Fuel is fed by a controller according to energy requirement. Operating the boiler has been simplified to refueling of the fuel tank and ash removal. Caution! Boiler does not need chimney insert.

KTM heating boilers have certification of compliance with energy efficiency criterion.

Emission and energy tests were conducted by Institute of Heating and Sanitary Technology in £ód¼.

KTM boilers are designed for heating water in an open central heating system according to PN-91/B-02413, up to the outlet temperature of 900°C. They are used for heating living quarters, warehouses, commercial halls, workshops, farm buildings, glasshouses, schools etc. They can work in a gravitational or induced systems.