UKS-OLGAZ boiler

UKS-OLGAZ boiler despite its small size has very good heating parameters. This boiler is very efficient and does not occupy much space in the boiler room. UKS-OLGAZ boiler may be fed with gas fuel as well as fuel oil according to the burner used. Construction of the boiler enables easy burner assembly. Location of burner (on the front wall of the boiler) is a great advantage as it enables easy access to the burner in case of adjustment, maintenance or repair.

UKS-OLGAZ heating boilers have certification of compliance with energy efficiency criterion.

Emission and energy tests were conducted by:
– Institute of Heating and Sanitary Technology in £ód¼.

UKS-OLGAZ heating boilers are designed to heat water in the open central heating systems according to PN-91/B-02413 to the temperature not exceeding 900 °C at the boiler’s outlet. UKS-OLGAZ heating boilers are designed for heating living quarters, houses, warehouses, commercial halls, workshops, farm buildings, glasshouses, schools etc. They can work in gravitational or induced systems.