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The cheapest fuel in Poland is still hard coal. Use of gas or oil fired central heating systems is 2-3 times more expensive than traditional coal fired system. Unfortunately, traditional coal fired central heating systems are harmful to the environment. Alas our new generation of EKR boilers is facing those issues. New retort combustion system produces much less exhaust fumes even then oil fired systems. Automatic fuel feeding system makes maintenance of boiler intuitive and limited to refueling of the hopper and ash removal only (about 10-20 min/day). Most of that type of boilers has been adapted to eco pea coal combustion.

EKR boiler thanks to his new, innovative feeder makes simultaneous fine coal combustion possible. What is more, we can use different combinations of fuel, for example: fine coal – pea coal, fine coal – wood shavings. This simplifies boiler’s maintenance and makes it cheaper.

Base for appropriate boiler selection is a thermal balance of the heated area created according to thermal standards for buildings. While selecting boiler for heating multi buildings systems it is recommended to calculate thermal balance. During calculation it is also important to take into account heat loss in the transmission system of the building. For single-family house with rooms about 2,5m height we can easily calculate heat requirement depending on the level of house insulation:
:: For not insulated house with un-tight windows 140 – 160W/m2
:: For not insulated house with exchanged windows 120 -140 W/m2
:: For insulated house with exchanged windows 100 – 120 W/m2

So in case of not insulated house but with exchanged windows and with heated area of 160m2 we calculate:
160 m2 x 140 W/m2 = 22400 W = 22,4 kW
We should select 25kW boiler.

Basic fuel for EKR boilers is fine coal, MI sort, 25/9 class, or eco pea coal 27/05/06 class, 32.1 type, 0324/cc sort. EKR boiler’s efficiency is 84% and they characterize with low natural environment pollution.

*using wood and coal use the additional grid